English summary of posts I’ve done so far..

Well, I promised (myself) to write in English. At least from time to time.
So the time has come.

<Dziedzictwo> „Legacy” as well as <Katalogowanie wspomnień> „Recording memories” is about storing our digital files. To my opinion the problem is not in storing them. Everybody can do it. The problem starts when:

  • you have to migrate them from one computer to another (because you bought yourself a nicer one)


  • when your digital files go in thousands and you don’t know where the right content is.

In short the rules are:

  1. create a separate folder for your files (pictures or music), separate from „My Documents”
  2. create a folder structure in it like YYYY/MM/EVENT
  3. each file store in a specific folder according to its date of creation (sometimes the real date of creation is in a file’s metadata attributes (like EXIF or MP3 tag)
  4. backup your Super-folder on separate physical media (another physical disc, DVD or pendrive

I believe internet is full of longer versions of this basic rules 🙂

<Zasada nieoznaczoności> „Uncertainty principle” is a play with quantum mechanics.
I suggested that project budget and the time schedule are the pair you can’t develop as precisely as you want, at the same time. It is exactly like Werner Heisenberg stated 🙂
The few formulas you can find there are the hypothesis I stated just having fun with this subject. maybe in the future somebody else develop it deeper. But the ownership of the idea stays with me 🙂

<Gdy „góra” jest na „dole”> is basically about the potential conflict between an top-down and bottom-up estimations.
Usually top-down is a rough estimation, an uderestimation rather, while bottom-up seems too protective (too many risks maintained) and overestimated.
Bare it in mind when preparing your budgets or talking to your clients.
Want to have it quick? – Go top-down but it’s usually to rough to put your life on it.
Want to be precise and safe? – Go bottom-up but your competitor can be faster than you and his/her offer can seem more attractive.

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